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What Country is Herbies Seeds From?

Herbies Seeds country of Origin

Many potential collectors or growers looking for high-quality cannabis genetics may be wondering what country Herbies Seeds is from. This is understandable as seed buyers may want an estimate for delivery times or want to avoid customs issues.

In just a second, you will find out exactly what country Herbies Seed Shop is from.

Where is Herbies Head Shop Located?

As of 2023, Herbies Seeds is now based in the country of the USA. For seed buyers in the U.S., this means lightning-fast shipping times (1-3 business days) with the option for stealth delivery from the USPS.

Herbies Seed Shop was first founded in the UK, and then moved to Spain not long after to offer most parts of the globe cannabis seeds with international delivery. Read more about Herbies Head Shop location.

Now, Herbies Seeds is growing its seed company fast and sturdy on American soil just in time for the Green Rush.

Why Did Herbies Move From the UK To Spain?

According to Herbies, due to the rapid advancement of technology and the shifting nature of the political climate, it became increasingly difficult to maintain the smooth operation of their website and to provide superior support to their clients. Following a number of setbacks, Herbies Seeds reached the conclusion that it was a sign to move forward.

Why Did Herbies Open a Seed Bank in the US?

Due to cannabis laws relaxing in the United States and the Green Rush following thereafter, another big reason Herbies opened a marijuana seed bank in the United States was due to the large volume of orders coming from the US. It was a logical decision to do so in order to provide a faster and safer delivery experience for Americans.

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