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Herbies Seeds is the name to remember if you’re in the market for cannabis seeds in the year 2023.

You have all of the strains you could possibly want at Herbies, including high-yielding, autoflowering, and award-winning varieties.

Introducing Herbies Seeds and Their Brief Past

Herbies Headshop started off small in the UK in the early 2000s, but has since grown to become a major player in the cannabis seed industry.

Herbies Head shop started to become popular as more people favored buying cannabis seeds online. At this time, Herbies Headshop was transitioning into its current identity as Herbies Seeds.

Herbies Seeds moved its operations to Alicante, Spain in 2019 to improve service to its international clientele by facilitating faster shipping and greater adherence to local laws.

Herbies Seeds caused quite a stir when they released their own seed brand of the same name in 2021.

Today, under new leadership and a fresh branding, Herbies Seeds continues to thrive.

Wide Variety of Cannabis Seeds at Herbies

There is no other seed bank that comes close to Herbies Seeds’ mind-blowing assortment of over 1,500 cannabis seeds for America (and increasing).

Even more so, we love that Herbies Seeds features over 120 unique breeders. We really appreciate the variety of top-tier breeders available, which includes DNA Genetics, Dinafem Seeds, and Herbies’ original Herbies Seeds.

Incredible as it may be, what really sets Herbies apart is the depth and detail with which it describes and illustrates each strain it offers.

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Info on the Blue Sunset Sherbert Strain

The beautiful blue and orange hues of Blue Sunset Sherbert can be traced back to the strain’s famous progenitor, Sunset Sherbert. Blue Sunset Sherberts 65% Indica dominance comes from this strain and an excellent breeder’s blend of primarily Indica lineage.

Herbie seeds

Info on the Café Racer Strain

The two parent strains ensure that the effects and exquisite skunky flavors of Café Racer are above and beyond what is typical.

This strain stands out from the rest with its insane pedigree, which includes Big Bud as a direct ancestor and the source of her massive bud yield; a multi-Cannabis Cup winner; and a THC level of 25%. What’s more, it has a potent 70% Sativa dominance, making it very useful for medical purposes.

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Info on the Triple G Strain

The legendary strains Gorilla Glue and Gelato form the genetic foundation of the soothing Indica effects of the Triple G Feminized cannabis strain. The potent THC levels, which may reach up to 26%, are great for when you need to relax before bed. After just one smoke, you’ll feel a rush of exhilaration that’ll stimulate your imagination and calm your nerves at the same time. Triple G is favored by those who suffer from diseases like chronic discomfort, sleeplessness, and loss of appetite.

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Info on the Cookies Gelato Strain

There will be those who are unable to identify whether they are holding a Sativa or an Indica. Since there is a 50/50 mix of Sativa and Indica, you can enjoy its benefits anytime of day.

herbies seeds review

Info on the Bruce Banner #3 Strain

Original Sensible Seeds has created a feminized cannabis strain named Bruce Banner #3. Her genetic ancestry comes from a union of two extremely potent cannabis strains: Colorado Ghost OG and Strawberry Diesel. The 65% Sativa and 35% Indica ratio in Bruce Banner #3 makes it a great all-around strain.

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Info on the Grandaddy Purple Strain

Since it first became widely available in 2003, Grandaddy Purple (GDP) has won a number of prestigious awards for being one of the most visually striking, flavorful, and powerful Indica-dominant strains available. This strain, which originated in California and is a result of crossing Purple Arkle and Big Bud, is excellent for treating moderate to severe anxiety, pain, nausea, and insomnia.

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Info on the Northern Lights Strain

There are few strains of cannabis more well-known or storied than Northern Light. Nevil Schoenmakers stabilized and released this 100% Indica strain in the middle of the 1980s; it is a descendant of a cross between Afghani and Thai landraces. As well as thriving in hot, dry climates, Northern Light is also well-suited to more extreme environments. It is also highly resistant to mold, mildew, and pests. There is typically only one large main cola on the plant, but it responds well to topping and Fimming. This strain of cannabis matures in as little as 7-8 weeks, or even less if grown in hydro, and produces buds that are dense, hard, and sticky.

Find Your Ideal Seed Strain Quickly and Easily with Herbies’ Convenient Search Tools

When we use Herbies Seeds’ straightforward Collections website or Seed Finder tool to look for seeds, we invariably get up deep in a rabbit hole.

Herbies Seeds makes it simple to zero in on the ideal weed strain, whether we’re looking for a specific type of cannabis, like a 30+% THC strain, or a wide variety of inexpensive cannabis seeds.

Herbie’s tools make it simple to look for a certain strain, and while comparable ones can be found at other reputable seed banks as well, they are much more user-friendly.

Notable Herbies Seeds, Handpicked Breeders, and Strict Quality Assurance

When it’s time to stock up on seeds, Herbies Seeds always impresses.

Below, we list some of the most popular and sought-after cannabis strains that are practically impossible to get at other seed banks like MSNL or CropKing seeds.

The Quality Guarantee Offered by Herbies Seeds Is Exceptional

Because of their unmatched quality guarantee, Herbies Seeds are in a league of their own.

Herbies Seeds has not yet disappointed us with low germination rates, which can make or break a company’s reputation.

It’s not easy to get a 100% germination rate, but that’s what we’ve consistently seen when purchasing seeds from Herbies Seed bank.

In conclusion, Herbies Seeds has just merit.

Herbies occasionally has problems with running out of supply, but this only serves to demonstrate how popular their items really are.

Herbies Seeds are quite hard to dislike. Having access to such a large catalog of cannabis seeds has made it difficult to narrow down my top picks.

Herbies is familiar with the care and maintenance of cannabis seeds, allowing them to provide their clients with only the highest quality products.

The business model, ethics, and vision of Herbies Seeds have convinced us that they care about their clients and would go above and beyond to deliver cannabis seeds to your door, making them our go-to online marijuana seeds bank.

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