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If you’re looking for high-quality cannabis seeds and you want to stay steps ahead of other growers, its a great idea to check out which seed banks are currently offering the best seeds and the most dependable shipping to your region. As such, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your seeds arrive at their destination on time and that any potential problems with shipping or customs are kept to a minimum alongside delivery quality genetics.

The Trustworthy Herbies Seeds Bank Review for 2023!

An in-depth analysis of Herbies Seeds, one of the best seed banks available. After reading this, you will have an informed opinion of Herbies Seeds, both in terms of its pros and its potential downsides.

In 2023, Herbies Seeds is a household name among those searching for cannabis seeds.

Herbies Seeds has come a long way since its early days, and not just because of the new leadership. Herbies is a pioneer in the seed industry, providing both established breeders and a proprietary line that stretches the boundaries of permissible THC concentrations.

Every type of cannabis seed you could possibly want is available at Herbies, including high-yielding, autoflowering, and award-winning varieties. If the thought of unlimited discounts, free returns, and free worldwide shipping piques your interest, read on to learn why Herbies is the best.

It’s Never Been Easier to Shop Herbies’ Specialty Seed Collection

Since Herbies Seeds has received over a hundred thousand orders from all over the world (and counting), there must be something special about them.

We think you’ll find the perfect weed seeds at Herbies Seed Bank thanks to its simple interface and extensive selection.

High-Quality Herbie Seeds, Handpicked Breeders, and Proven Strains

When it’s time to stock up on seeds, we always find something new and exciting at Herbies Seeds.

Below, we’ll highlight some of the most sought-after and unusual cannabis strains, many of which are unavailable from rival seed banks such as MSNL or CropKing seeds.

Homegrown Seeds by Herbies

While we’re big fans of Herbies Seed Bank’s wide variety of seed breeders, we’re most enthusiastic about the store’s own label.

Herbies Seeds has been at the forefront of the cannabis industry with the release of some of the most innovative strains since its launch in the early 2000s in the UK. Apple Betty (33% THC), Mimosa Shot (30% THC), and Grandmommy Purple (33% THC) are three of Herbies’ most famous and potent cannabis strains.

Herbies Seeds caused quite a stir at High Times, and it also received a lot of attention from our in-house cannabis experts. In the end, Herbies Seeds improved from a seed reseller to a seed producer, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Data on the Pineapple Chunk Variety

Pineapple Chunk, cultivated by Barney’s Farm, is a potent hybrid with an Indica dominance of 80%. The 2009 Indica Cup victory was well-deserved. It’s not the simplest plant to tend to, but the rewards for success are substantial.

As a result of its genetic makeup as a hybrid of the Pineapple, Skunk #1, and Cheese strains, this plant displays a wide range of phenotypes. But don’t worry; any pheno you pursue with this kind of pedigree will be worthwhile.


At first, you’ll feel energized, euphoric, and mentally sharp; then, you’ll feel calm, relaxed, and maybe even couch-locked, and you’ll sleep soundly.

Data on the Purple Punch Variety

Cannabis fans in North America have long relied on Purple Punch, a feminized photoperiod strain that is a cross between two California heavy hitters: Indica-dominant Granddaddy Purple and Sativa-dominant Larry OG. As a result, we now have access to an extraordinary strain of cannabis that yields high-quality outcomes rapidly.


Purple Punch induces a state of deep relaxation akin to being “locked into a couch,” which in turn makes one feel extremely content and sleepy while also stimulating one’s appetite. The fact that it helps people feel less anxious makes it an excellent sleep aid.

Data on the Blue Gelato 41 Variety

The breeders at Barney’s Farm have succeeded in creating a very productive Indica strain by crossing three popular varieties.


An excellent choice for daily use, Blue Gelato 41 has powerful, energizing effects that leave users focused, motivated, and mentally clear. If you’re feeling any tension in your muscles before you toke, Blue Gelato 41 will help release it.

Data on the Gorilla Zkittlez Variety

As a result of breeding the legendary Gorilla Glue with the sensational Zkittlez, Barney’s Farm has created a hybrid called Gorilla Zkittlez, which is 60% Indica dominant. It packs a punch and then some, having been crafted with a focus on both potency and flavor. In a nutshell, it’s an absolute must-try for both seasoned cannabis consumers and newbies.


The effects are potent and intense, inducing a reflective and introspective state of mind and a soothing body high.

Data on the The Incredible Bulk Variety

Dr. Krippling developed the Incredible Bulk strain to be a high-yielding feminized flower factory. The seeds featured here are among Herbies’ most popular offerings. You needn’t look any further for a formidable Indica; The Incredible Bulk has everything you could want and more.


The Incredible Bulk is a massive Indica with effects to match, making it ideal for nighttime use. The sedative effects of this strain allow the user to unwind completely. If you need a break from reality, the high will last for a while.

Data on the Glookies Variety

Barney’s Farm created the feminized photoperiod cannabis strain Glookies. Glookies, descended from two infamous American strains, share their parentage as well as their name. This is why Glookies are so popular with people who use them for both therapeutic and recreational purposes.


The initial effect of glookies is a phenomenally intense head rush that can make anyone feel incredibly happy and enthusiastic about life. The body buzz gradually overwhelms this and causes complete muscular relaxation. As a result, evenings spent in these activities (or even just chatting with friends) are enhanced. Have faith; you will find motivation!

Data on the Hulkberry Variety

Royal Queen Seeds created a new, one-of-a-kind strain with a Sativa-dominant genetic makeup called HulkBerry. The name of this gene, HulkBerry, alludes not only to the strains from which it was derived, but also to the plant’s robust, heavy growth and potent, berry-like aromas. HulkBerry’s name might also lead you to wonder if it’s just another alias for Bruce Banner. Almost, but not quite. Each phenotype results in its own distinctive characteristics, despite their shared names and even some parent strains and consequently certain qualities.


Beware, lightweights: HulkBerry’s effects are just as robust as the strain’s size and pungent odor. The effects of Sativa-dominant strains are primarily mental and manifest rapidly as a surge of euphoric, upbeat energy. HulkBerry is ideal for daytime use because it not only improves mood but also boosts creativity and motivation.

Herbies Seeds Has the Finest Selection of Rare Cannabis Strains and Handpicked Breeders.

The lesson that not all online seed banks are created equal is driven home in a profound way when you shop at Herbies Seeds.

When we fill our online shopping cart with seeds from obscure breeders like Gage Green Genetics, we feel special (GGG). The legendary GGG isn’t sold by any major seed bank, not even MSNL or CropKing Seeds.

Gage Green Genetics is known for its rare strains like Rhapsody in Blue and Baby Breath, both of which are sold by Herbies Seeds.

CannaBioGen is another top breeder that Herbies carries that you won’t find at other seed banks. Landrace marijuana seeds are CannaBioGen’s forte. Bangi Haze, Panama D.C., Caribe, and more from CannaBioGen can be found at Herbies Seeds if you’re looking for indigenous cannabis seeds.

Cali Connection Seeds, Ace Seeds, Devils Harvest Seeds, and DNA Genetics are some other seed banks that we noticed and applauded Herbies Seeds for carrying.

Tips on How to Get a Discount at Herbies Seeds

While we have no problem shelling out big bucks for high-THC seed strains, we appreciate any savings we can get.

In 2023, we discovered the best ways to save money when purchasing marijuana seeds from Herbies Seed Bank, including both discounted prices and free seeds.

Low Prices and Special Offers at Herbies Seeds

There are always great deals to be had at Herbies Seeds, which is one reason for their high customer rating.

As cannabis farmers, we have a bad habit of dropping a ton of cash on plants simply because they look cool. However, one must be frugal if they wish to purchase premium seeds, as money is not infinite.

If you’re looking for the latest Herbies Seeds promotions, your best bet is to check out their offers page. For instance, if you buy seeds from reputable breeders like Delicious Seeds and Expert Seeds, you can save up to 35% on Dinafem seeds and even get free seeds as a bonus!

There is always a sale around the corner at Herbies, which is great because we hate paying full price.

Simple and Convenient Payment Options at Herbies Seeds

We think Herbies HQ took the “shut up and take my money” meme seriously, given the variety of payment options.

It may come as a surprise, but Herbies accepts Bitcoin along with credit cards and bank transfers. What’s more, in certain areas, you can pay the courier directly when they drop off your Herbies Seeds order.

Having a variety of payment options simplifies the transaction, but it also raises the potential for overspending.

Final Thoughts on Herbies Seeds Bank

We highly recommend Herbies Seeds as a place to get some of the best quality cannabis seeds, most valuable growing information, and excellent customer service around. Plus, Herbies Seeds offers the security of guaranteed discreet delivery and guaranteed germination! Herbies Seeds is an extremely beginner-friendly seed bank that offers a well-rounded selection that experienced growers will appreciate, too. With free shipping and generous sale prices, you can grow amazing crops from Herbies seeds without breaking the bank.


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