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Are you the thrifty type with a taste for good weed and an appetite for savings? Did you just hear about the launch of our seedbank in North America and want Herbies USA Express Promo Codes to use at our store? Do you fancy some free gifts packed in with your next order? Or are you just generally looking to save money on your next purchase?

If you answered yes to any of the above, today’s your day. We would like to extend our love to the growing cannabis community in the US by listing all our amazing offers such as Herbies Seeds Coupons, Vouchers, Discounts, Promo Codes, Seed Deals, Gifts and more.

Promo Code to SAVE 5% on Herbies USA Express

5% Off Discount Code: ANYCODES5

Simply enter the Promo Code above at the checkout of our store and our system will automatically reduce your total order cost by 5%. This lightens the load which many marijuana seedbanks don’t usually do.

Discount by Payment Method

You can choose your preferred payment method during the checkout. If you choose BitCoin or USDT, it will reduce the total cost of your order by a percentage.

Get FREE Cannabis Seeds

When you buy from Herbies, you will receive a free seed with each order, in addition, you get another free cannabis seed for every $21.80 USD that is spent. The more you spend at our store, the more complimentary seeds you get.

You will receive a bonus seed of your choosing from the following strains:


Free cannabis seeds promo code for Herbies USA Express


How do I get cannabis seeds for free?

You have two choices and almost an infinite number of free seeds. First, every order you make at Herbies comes with a free seed. Second, for every $21.80 in your cart, you can choose one of our extra seeds.

What kind of free seeds can I get at Herbies?

At Herbies, you can choose from 5 different kinds of free seeds. We add a bonus seed to every order, and for every $21.80 you spend, you get an extra free seed. These include Zkittlez, Zkittlez Auto, Amnesia Lemon, Gorilla Glue, and Gorilla Glue Auto!

How good are these free seeds?

They are better than good! We only source seeds from trustworthy seed breeders, and the free seeds you get from us are from top genetics. The quality of our free seeds is what makes Herbies’ name, so we check each one before sending it out. You can see for yourself after your first order.

Get even MORE free cannabis seeds from Herbies!

In commemoration of Herbies opening a seed bank in the United States, we have launched a massive sale to mark the occasion. For every three seeds you purchase, we’ll throw in an extra three. When you purchase a pack of 5 seeds, we’ll give you 5 more for free. Get ten extra seeds when you purchase a pack of ten.

This doesn’t require the use of Herbies USA Express Promo Codes, Coupons, Vouchers, Discounts etc. However, you can use the Promo Code provided above to get 5% off your total order from us while gaining bonus seeds. This sale only applies to the following 15 cannabis strains below:


herbies usa express promo codes for cannabis strains


Want more? Check out our other PROMOS below


Free Weed Rolling Papers, Tube Containers & Stickers

Promo codes for free rolling papers, marijuana containers and weed stickers

When your order anything from Herbies Head Shop, we include free weed Rolling Papers, a Tube Container and Stickers.

About the Free Rolling Papers: Rolling paper is always useful, right? Keep an extra near your stash, just in case. That way, you won’t be caught off guard when you realize you’re out.

About the Free Tube Containers: This elongated container, made of strong plastic, will maintain its contents in exquisite condition, without a single wrinkle. You can hike, exercise, dance, or even shoot some hoops without fear of your work disintegrating. We’ve all been there, and it’s miserable. And because the cap is so airtight, no one will be able to smell what you’re holding.

About the Free Stickers: This set comes with 3 fantastic stickers with graphics that scream 420. You can add this anywhere that needs a boost of colors and cool vibes.


Free Weed Glass Pipe

Free Glass Pipe Promo Codes for Herbies USA Express

When your order reaches $121.83 USD or more, we include a free weed Glass Pipe worth $13.10.

About the Glass Pipe: This version of our branded pipe replaces the silicone version that was previously available. This sturdy apparatus is made from a single piece of heat-resistant glass and is sold as part of a kit that also includes a case cover made of hard plastic and a pipe cleaner made of metal.

Free Glass Pipe from Herbies USA Express

Free Weed Grinder & Zip-Lock Bags

Promo codes for free grinder and ziplock bags Herbies USA Express

When your order reaches $65.50 USD or more, we include a free weed Grinder & Reuseable Zip-Lock Bags.

About the Free Grinder: We’re sure you’ll grow good plants, but you should also grind good. If the weed is too fine or too coarse, it won’t work. So, we’re adding this clear plastic grinder that will last a long time to help you out. This grinder is made just for herbs, so you know that it will break them up into the right size pieces.

About the Free Zip-Lock Bags: This zip-lock bag is great for keeping nugs out of the light and away from too much moisture. Keep a few ounces in there at all times so it’s easy to pour out and the smell doesn’t get out.

Free Weed Pruning Shears & Stash Holder

Free pruning shears for weed with our promo code for Herbies USA Express

When your order reaches $87.33 USD or more, we include free weed Pruning Shears and a Stash Holder.

About the Free Pruning Shears: A grower’s best friend will always be a pair of sharp trimming shears. They will be useful when you want to train your plants, remove their leaves, or shoots. The blades of these shears can easily cut through ropes, stalks, roots, and just about anything else. And look at that handle: it’s bright and curved, which makes it hard to lose and easy to store.

About the Stash Holder: This Herbies green stash box is strong and will serve you well in any situation. Grab this case if you’re on the go or just like to have everything ready at all times. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or be hidden anywhere in your home without drawing attention to itself.

Free Weed Keychain Capsule & Filter Tips Book

Herbies seedbank USA keychain capsule and filter tips book discount code

When your order reaches $109.17 USD or more, we include a free weed Keychain Capsule & Filter Tips Book.

About the Keychain Capsule: Here is one of our high-quality metal capsules, painted in our trademark green. The contents of the capsule can be stored for an extremely long time without spoiling due to the capsule’s durability and airtight seal. And when the time comes, you need only retrieve the container from which your keys are usually kept.

About the Filter Tips Book: These thin, easy-to-roll tips are made from 100% recycled paper. Each of the sixty tips in the book is accompanied by a quotation or some wise words. Has a filter ever inspired you? Nope.. Well here you go.

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