Top 3 Weed Seed Banks for the USA

buying herbies seeds in the USA

Many Americans struggle to find a good seed bank to buy weed seeds from online. In this post we will outline the top three cannabis seed banks to buy marijuana strains from on the internet. Without further ado here is the top three seed banks for the United States.

No. 1 – Herbies USA Express

buying herbies seeds in the USA

Herbies sells cannabis seeds that are viable, vigorous, high yielding potential and various cannabinoid content. Their staff of online experts are always available to assist you in selecting from their seed bank or strains available that will best meet your needs. Also their assistance does not end there; once you’ve ordered your marijuana seeds, you may browse their library of articles to learn more about the art of cannabis growing and you may ask any questions that may occur during your cultivation on their live chat support. They will answer most questions swiftly.

If you’re shopping from USA, you’ll get access to strains ideal from your region. More than 170 top strains appropriate for growers in legal states of North America. They also offer convenient paying methods, you can pay using a card, Venmo, Cash App, or cash by mail. According to their customers they also have a swift delivery which takes 3-5 days and some receive it in just 24 hours. Most importantly there is no customs hassles as the seeds come from within the country. No wonder why a lot of people choose Herbies Express to buy weed seeds.

What Else?

Herbies USA sells brand-exclusive cannabis seeds that provide the highest quality marijuana crops. That’s why they say its the perfect site if you want to purchase cannabis seeds online. All the genetics from their seed bank catalog has established a superb reputation, and every strain available for purchase is genuinely exceptional. With these high-quality cannabis seeds, even beginners can grow better weed than they’ve have grown in the past. This is a game changer for those who are new to growing weed.

One of the reviews from their verified customer;

Justin: Incredible customer service, prompt assistance with payment issues, highly recommend for stress-free shopping experience!

No. 2 – ILGM

buy ilgm usa cannabis seeds

ILGM has been one of the world’s leading cannabis seed companies since 2012. Their main objective is to provide high-quality seeds as well as exceptional service and support. They don’t simply sell seeds; they want individuals to achieve the best outcomes from their grow while also having fun!

This site is also well known for the best Autoflower seeds. Whether you prefer photoperiod or autoflowering seeds, they have you covered! They provide autoflowering variations of some of the most popular strains on the market. All of their autoflowers are feminized, so you won’t have to worry about pollination. Autoflowers are the greatest option for a simple and comfortable grow. With Autoflower seeds, you can expect bud in as little as 3 months.

They guarantee the germination and quality of their seeds, but they back it up with thousands of positive testimonials from delighted clients. This is why ILGM is a great site to get feminized and autoflowering seeds.

No. 3 – Seedsman

buy weed seeds from seedsman USA

Just like the last 2 seed banks, Seedsman is also very popular in the USA. Even if Seedsman is located in Barcelona Spain, they still do a good job delivering seeds to the United States. In their site you will also find thousands of honest products and service reviews that proves it is a trusted seed bank.

Seedsman has been at the forefront of cannabis innovation for the last twenty-one years. They aggressively seek out new and vintage cultivars, concentrating on building a genetic library with a variety of distinctive features, as the first seedbank to sell autoflowering and CBD genetics.

The tale began in 2002, when two cousins founded Seedsman with a strong appreciation for cannabis’ genetic legacy and a desire to unite the world’s best breeders. They built an international network of specialists and innovators by traveling the world in search of seeds, expertise, information, and culture. From its humble origins, the company has grown into a major seedbank where collectors can acquire the highest-quality authentic seeds from the world’s greatest breeders, alongside landrace strains protected by nature and collected by local botanists and hobbyists.

They’ve raised the bar for horticulture and increased genetic variety to the next level because they believe that every seed has potential.

As the global cannabis legalization movement gains traction, so does the demand for ongoing innovation, development, and more access to pedigree genetics. Seedsman was built on these ideals, and we are devoted to improving plant health, seed quality, and selection.


Herbies USA Express is a new seed bank which operates from California USA which offers amazing cannabis varieties with a promise to deliver seeds within 2-5 days. Their strains are from well known breeders mixed with their own home grown genetics. If you want amazing bud with long lasting support through your grow, go with Herbies USA Express.

In our honest opinion, ILGM ( I Love Growing Marijuana ) is the most reliable and trustworthy seed bank for buying marijuana seeds. ILGM stocks world renowned cannabis seeds which are from reputable breeders which offer authentic strains.

Seedsman has been a long contender as a seed bank in the last two decades. Being so they have gained a reputation in the cannabis industry. They started their company in Spain but have already expanded their market to the world and especially the United States. Their dedication to keep on innovating, developing and improving shows in the strains that they offer.

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