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Is Recreational Cannabis Legal in All States of the USA?

Learn about the Progress and Challenges in the Push for Marijuana Legalization all over the United States.



In recent years, the movement to legalize marijuana has gained significant momentum across the United States. On the unofficial holiday known as “420,” lawmakers in the nation’s capital are coming together to discuss and propel the legalization of marijuana. While progress has been made, there are still significant challenges to overcome, particularly at the federal level. This blog post explores the current state of marijuana legalization, the hurdles faced by the industry, and the efforts being made to address them.


The Growing Acceptance of Marijuana:

Over the past decade, the legalization of recreational marijuana has been achieved in Washington and Colorado, paving the way for other states to follow suit. Currently, 21 states and Washington D.C. have fully legalized cannabis, while another 19 states allow its use for medicinal purposes. However, even in states where marijuana is legal, the industry faces obstacles due to its classification as a Schedule I drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), placing it in the same category as heroin and LSD.


Challenges Faced by the Marijuana Industry:

The federal classification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug creates numerous challenges for the industry. Small dispensary owners, for instance, struggle to find banking services as most banks are reluctant to work with them due to federal regulations. Additionally, these businesses lack traditional tax exemptions, leading to higher tax burdens. These obstacles hinder the growth and legitimacy of the industry.


Progress on Banking Services:

Efforts are being made in Congress to address the banking challenges faced by legal marijuana businesses. Bills have been introduced to provide these businesses with access to banking services, which would alleviate some of the burdens they currently face. Advocates, including well-known actor Woody Harrelson, who owns a California dispensary, emphasize the need for change and the importance of ending the stigma surrounding marijuana.


States Where Recreational Cannabis is Legal in America

  • Washington
  • Alaska
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Oregon
  • Washington, D.C.
  • California
  • Maine
  • Nevada
  • Michigan
  • Vermont
  • Guam
  • Ohio
  • Illinois
  • Arizona
  • Montana
  • New Jersey
  • Colorado
  • New York
  • Virginia
  • New Mexico
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri


Setbacks and Concerns:

Despite the progress made, setbacks and concerns persist. In California, for example, legal marijuana sales experienced a drop in revenue last year, potentially due to the availability of cheaper black-market weed that is not subject to taxation. On the East Coast, unlicensed pop-up shops pose a different concern, with former Mayor Michael Bloomberg arguing that lax enforcement endangers children. These challenges highlight the need for comprehensive regulation and enforcement to ensure the safe and responsible use of marijuana.



The push for marijuana legalization has come a long way, but there are still significant hurdles to overcome. The federal classification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug, banking challenges, and concerns about revenue and unlicensed sales all contribute to the complex landscape surrounding marijuana legalization. However, with bipartisan support and growing public acceptance, progress is being made. It may take time, but a joint effort between lawmakers, industry stakeholders, and advocates is bringing us closer to a future where marijuana is treated as a legal and regulated substance.

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