Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing Cannabis Indoors

Benefits of growing Indoors

When planting/growing Cannabis indoors you can control every aspect of your growing environment and what you put in your plant, giving you complete control over your setup to grow some top-notch weed.You have complete control over how big you want your plants to become, when they flower, when you harvest, and when you start another batch. You can plant at any time of year, whether the middle of winter or summer, and you’ll always get reliable crops.

It is more resource-intensive than growing outdoors and you will probably have to spend more money on utilities to power equipment. You are not dependent on the sun or the weather like you are with outside growing, so you will be giving the plants with the full environment they require to develop,  grow medium—soil, rockwool, etc… and managing the quantity of water and nutrients they receive, as well as regulating temperature, humidity, and other factors for them.

Essentials & Basic Guideline

You won’t be able to move the plants around, so you’ll need a dedicated space for plants to situate, essentially next to a window to vent air from outside especially for when it really starts to spread it’s weed smell.

A lot of people use tents, but they’re not necessary. You can grow in any convenient space such as a cabinet, a room, closet…ect , just remember you need to plan your lay-out for the right space through each process (In early stages can double in size) and space for lights, fans and other equipment. Growing weed can be different every time.

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