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Germinating Cannabis Seeds – 100% Success Technique


Welcome back to our blog! I’m Dorsey, a man on a mission from Los Angeles, and I’m Native. If you want to know more about me, you can check out my other blog posts. In this post, we’ll be discussing the steps in the germination process and how to properly care for cannabis seeds afterwards. So grab a joint or sit back and watch as I roll one, and let’s dive into it!

The Wet Towel Method:

To germinate cannabis seeds using the wet towel method, you’ll need a plastic bag and a kitchen paper towel. Wet the paper towel and place it in the plastic bag. Slowly and gently open the seed package and place the seeds on the wet paper towel. Some people prefer not to touch the seeds directly, using a small stick or toothpick to handle them. However, I personally handle the seeds with my hands, as I believe they will grow with love from me.

Once the seeds are on the wet paper towel, fold the towel over them and ensure they are in contact with the moisture. You don’t need to seal the bag tightly; it just needs to be secure enough to preserve the moisture. Place the bag in a dark space, such as a closet, away from direct sunlight. The seeds need water and darkness, as they would be underground when naturally germinating.

Checking on the Seeds:

After three days, it’s time to check on the seeds. Open the bag and observe the progress. You should see the seeds starting to sprout roots. If they haven’t sprouted yet, you can reseal the bag and check again in a day or two. Once the seeds have sprouted, you can proceed to the next step in the growing process.

Methods for Germinating Cannabis Seeds:

When it comes to storing cannabis seeds, there are various methods that people use. Personally, I prefer the wet towel method, which I find to be effective. Some people simply put the seeds in a glass of water and leave them there, but I don’t trust this method as I’ve had issues with seeds going bad in the past. So, I stick with what I know works for me.


Storing cannabis seeds properly is crucial for successful germination and growth. While there are different methods, the wet towel method has proven to be effective for many growers. By providing the seeds with moisture and darkness, you create an environment that mimics their natural germination process. Remember to check on the seeds after a few days to ensure they are progressing as expected.

I hope you found this post helpful in understanding how to germinating cannabis seeds. If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences, feel free to leave a comment. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more content. Until next time, happy growing!

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