The Top USA Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seeds USA

Ideally, US cannabis growers are looking for strains that grow to expectation and nothing else. Sometimes, marijuana cultivators are also looking for a seed with high potency and great flavor – maybe even strains high in CBD.

There are countless people who have grown seeds found in random bags which end up disappointing them in the end. Others may have even grown seeds obtained from friends to end up with a low-quality crop.

That’s why it’s essential to get the right cannabis seeds for the USA at the start which actually deliver the results marijuana growers want.

If you’re ready for the ultimate pot strains perfect for US weed growers, we got you covered. Get yourself ready for a review on marijuana seeds perfect for Americans.

Best Cannabis Seeds USA

The best kush seeds for the USA are listed as follows, from the best first. Please note, these recommendations are based on our preferences and on what others have vouched for.

1. Sour Diesel USA cannabis seeds

sour diesel weed

Among the cannabis strains grown in the USA, Sour Diesel is revered for its energising effects and funky fuel flavour. The cerebral stimulating properties of this THC powerhouse wipe away all traces of tension and depression and bring about an upbeat and joyful mood.

Sour Diesel weed seeds are an expert US grower’s choice, especially for those looking for potency. Not only that, with its incredible properties to alleviate depression and tension – make this strain a big contender in the growing game.

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2. Girl Scout Cookies USA marijuana seeds

girl scout cookies marijuana strain

GSC, a powerful and sweet-tasting cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, is one of the most successful cannabis strains from California. This breed is top-2 from US seed banks for a number of reasons, including the soaring exhilaration and soothing physical relaxation it provides thanks to its extraordinarily high THC content.

Girl Scout Cookies dope seeds have a really sweet kick. One hit and you’ll be literally eating all of grandmas cookies. This is one of the favorites in America.

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3. Wedding Cake USA weed seeds

Top wedding cake weed strain

Our Wedding Cake marijuana seeds are a tangy and also sweet breed between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies that are full of relaxed euphoria and immobilising potency. This strain, which contains up to 21% THC, provides a relaxing effect that is sugary and earthy in taste with hints of pepper. It’s no surprise how this strain is popular among Californians. It’s perfect for a lazy day on the beach.

As the name may indicate “Wedding Cake”, don’t smoke this before you hit the functions. You might get kicked out – if you do decide to do it and attend a wedding, it’s not on us!

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4. Gelato USA kush seeds

Gelato marjijuana strain

This exquisite marijuana variety is a proud member of the renowned Cookies family. It bursts with mouthwatering dessert-like scents evocative of well-known Italian ice cream hence the name. Gelato is the appropriate choice for people looking for some physical relaxation or for creative minds who want to remain attentive and productive because it is a heavy-handed euphoriant.

This is a well-known United States-bred marijuana strain -created by crossing Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. If you want to have a fun time with a strain with flavour and potency, this strain is for you.

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